The surprising rediscoveries of Dr. John Vetter Burkardt

As I create my Interactive Resume, I remember stories of working with some of these amazing people.  Dr. Burkardt is one of those people.  He is a living treasure for his mathematical and computational knowledge.  Even the content of his webpage leads people to suspect this fact.

And here is what is surprising about it.  Sometimes I get curious and ask search engine a question.  It’s easier that way and often times faster than finding a human to ask.  Could be how to spell a word, or looking up a numerical algorithm.

Dr. Burkardt is notable in that twice his web site has come up in a list of google results that I clicked on, only then to discover I was on the page of a person whom I previously had worked for.  And yes, his pages have a 100% rate of having the answer I seek.  So far, the rate is about once in every 5 years this happens.

Check out his site below.  It looks small, but it is in fact quite huge; it only looks small due to it’s tight organization.  This site represents a lifetime of publicly accessible work this brilliant mind has worked on.