On my German, Spanish and U.S. experience this summer

I have returned to the U.S. after an extended visit to Germany and Spain.  I didn’t have much time to author much during this interval, but I’m still keen to work on a free e-book/website for good form in coding in C that is targeted towards the self-taught novice whom has gotten a start in BASIC and it’s derivatives.

During my visit, a friend at a multi-national engineering firm secured me tickets to visit Automatica in Munich, Germany.  The goal of the visit was to shop for robots to aid in production systems and I had the privilege of tagging along.

I posted a video to youtube of one of the more impressive robots that I saw (swinging around a BMW hatchback with effortless ease) and is available at the link below.

Robot at Automatica 2016 on Youtube.com

Aside from this, I helped restore an old boat, a schooner, that was commissioned in 1976 for a man who was apparently Queen Elizabeth’s interior decorator.  This boat is decorated with ornately carved teak and Honduran mahogany.  I sanded the exterior using a Festool sander.  It’s a top-notch machine for a top-notch job.  I will use one of these to sand my Mercedes W120 (when it becomes a priority to paint it again)

After the sanding, painting above the water line.

Since returning, I have been working on developing my business venture and helping my father with deferred maintenance.  Painting the wood on the house is next.  The wood exterior is getting quite old, but is well preserved.  After all, there must be five or more coats of paint on the wood.